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First Bite: Dram Whiskey Bar, Mountain Brook

After what seems to have been a quick construction, the restaurant Avo and the Dram Whiskey Bar are now open. I arrived late Friday evening (the bar closes at midnight) and whet my palate with a sip of their bacon-infused bourbon. Last night Kim and I stopped back to check it out. Dram has a […]

ATL: Inman Park Rocks

Before that morning at Parish Market, located in Atlanta’s historic and rejuvenating (ahem, gentrifying) Inman Park neighborhood, I’d never heard of a doghead biscuit. Though more commonly known as a catshead biscuit, this flaky wonder ‘as large as a dog’s head’ was massively wonderful. As per my friends’ suggestion, I tried the homemade andouille sausage […]

Jinsei: Half-price rolls on Sundays

In my book, the only thing better than great sushi is great cheap sushi. I’ve received word from reliable sources that Jinsei is offering rolls at half price Sunday evenings. You can bet I’ll be going in tonight to check it out. If this is indeed true, that sushi had better watch out. This is, […]