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Fat Man's Bar-B-Q Last month, Birmingham Magazine sent me out to St. Clair County. The beautiful, rolling hillsides of St. Clair County–about 30 minutes East of Birmingham–is chock full of great local eateries. Pell City had a bunch of barbecue haunts, and I found one of the best catfish fillets I have ever eaten.

Meanwhile, Brannon’s Public House has come into its own in downtown Birmingham. I stopped by a few times for sandwiches, burgers, and beers and left impressed.

See additional photography I shot for Birmingham Magazine’s March issue, and click for more about Brannon’s, and the St. Clair Barbecue and Catfish story.

The Ark The Ark Catfish Plate The Ark Catfish Plate (2) The Ark Sign Rexall Drugstore Sign Rexall Drugstore, Pell City Fat Man's Bar-B-Q Fat Man's Bar-B-Q Barbecue Melt Richey's Barbecue Richey's Fried Okra and Catfish

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  1. rebekka says:


    I’m a Birmingham ex-pat and your blog is making me very homesick. And homehungry.

  2. Dan says:

    Where are you located now (and what do you like to eat there)? I moved to BHM nearly three years ago now and would miss the food (and people) a lot if I left. Thanks for writing in.

  3. Carla Jean says:

    Love that Birmingham’s small-town nature carries over to the Internet. Dan, Rebekka is a friend of mine who now lives in Nashville.

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