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The Taco Truck

Jason Wallis/jasonwallisphotography.com

Jason Wallis/jasonwallisphotography.com

I’m not quite sure what it is about food from a truck that makes it so completely irresistible. This truck, the Taqueria Guzman, parks in a run-down Texaco parking lot on West Valley and turns out some of the best tacos in town.

Check out my article in this month’s Birmingham magazine (or, while I’m shamelessly plugging, get a subscription) for details about my experience at Taqueria Guzman.

What to remember:

  • 3 tacos ($1.75 each) make a good meal
  • have a cane sugar Coca Cola
  • try the lengua (tongue) or tripa (tripe, but make sure it’s extra crispy)

Dan is the producer of ‘Ham Sandwich. Read about his cooking adventures as Skip on The Gourmetro and learn about him on aisle-9.net. Photos by Jason Wallis www.jasonwallisphotography.com.

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  1. Food catering trucks are great to have because especially on construction sites their’s alot of hungry men working and when a food truck comes rolling up you better go ahead and plan on waiting in line because it seems like every worker wants some of what they have and they do have good food or at least every one i’ve ever eaten from has.

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