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Fall Favorite: Spooning Persimmons

Perfect Persimmons

I picked up these pretty persimmons at the Oak Street Market a few days ago. When they’re red and soft (probably overripe) I like to cut the top off and eat them with a spoon.  After a very brief wikipedia read, I learned that underripe persimmons could cause goo buildup in your stomach and result in serious issues. Damn.

Some people prefer thinly sliced crisp persimmons, but the syrupy sweetness that I go for doesn’t quite develop until it begins to soften. Oh, and the prevailing local variety is the sweet fuyu. Petals From the Past is a chief supplier to the Birmingham area.

For anyone who hasn’t yet been to the Oak Street Market, it’s a small local market located in Crestline Village that supports local farmers. They’ve got a great selection and friendly people. Go check them out, they’ve currently got some late-season corn, lots of apples, and tons of squash and pumpkin among their stock.

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