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Market Update: What’s Hot at Pepper Place

Swedish Peanut Potatoes October 10, 2009
64 degrees and light rain (at 8:15)

Apples (McIntosh, Cumberland Spur, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Matsu, winesap, granny smith, jonagold, rome)
Beets (Chiogga and red)
Bok Choi
Collard Greens
Eggplant (white, Japanese)
Figs (assorted)
Lettuce (Butter Head, La Rossa, Romaine)
Muscadine Grapes (nespeth, supreme, darlene)
Mustard Greens
Okra (green and burgundy)
Onions (and green onions)
Pears (bartlett)
Peas (pink-eye, fresh pinto)
Peppers (Bell, Purple Bell, Marconi, jalapeno, Sweet Banana, Sweet Cayenne, poblano, padrone, islander
Persimmon (Wasefuyu)
Potatoes (New, Irish, Yukon gold, kennebeck, Swedish peanut fingerling)
Pumpkins (pie, Long Island Cheese, cinderella, sweet dumpling)
Radishes (easter egg)
Salad Mix
Squash (butternut, turban, hubbard, acorn, kershaw, sunshine, spaghetti, zephyr and patty pan sunburst)
String Beans (pole beans, rattlesnake, filet, and stringless Blue Lake Bush Beans)
Sweet Potatoes (georgia jets, ruby reds)
Tomatoes (juliette, sungold, goliath, mountain fresh and green)
Turnips (and greens)
Zucchini (8-ball)

Well, this is it for the regular season at Pepper Place Farmer’s Market but I’ve heard that there may be a one-day market on December 5. Unfortunately there aren’t too many producers today so the offering is a bit slim. The Petals Form the Past persimmons are awesome (as per usual).

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  1. David McLaurin says:


    Haven’t seen you since Hot & Hot. Hope you are well! Come by and say “hi” at Dodiyo’s. We open this week!

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