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This week on the farm

The Donut King, James King Me with Happy Goats
Bob's Lunch Exterior Morning on the farm

The Sandwich has been quiet for a bit since I’ve been in upstate New York living and working on the American Masala Farm. And a busy few weeks it’s been. We’ve mucked barns, eaten delicious doughnuts, and, of course, have made some fantastic Indian food from chef Suvir Saran‘s cookbooks. I’ve been updating the Gourmetro frequently and plan to continue until I get back to Birmingham.

Goat Vindaloo with curried green beans and riata Croissants from Mrs. London's Pan Seared Steak with Potatoes Goat Vindaloo Panel in Albany Spectrum 8 Petalos Wine Label Morning on the farm Ingredients for Suvir Saran's Mirchi Kaa Saalan Goat Vindaloo Pot morning on the American Masala Farm

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