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Local Produce: The Sun Jewel Melon

Sun Jewel Melon On Cutting Board

When I picked up my first pair of Sun Jewel melons back in early July, I have to say I was underwhelmed. They were beautiful, smelled vaguely of banana and mango (as advertised) but they lacked a definitive taste and were somewhat mealy. Snow’s Bend Farm doesn’t usually disappoint, so when they suggested that I try another, I did so without reservation.

This past week, the Sun Jewel had a fuller flavor as well as a firmer texture. It is still very subtle taste, though. When you try one, don’t go in expecting the sugary punch of a honeydew or cantaloupe.

Try one while they’re around. Or read about them. Or grow some. They’re apparently quite productive and resistant to some common melon issues.

Sun Jewel Melon Whole Sun Jewel Melon Cut

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