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Market Update: What’s Hot at Pepper Place

Red Delicious Apples

Week 13: August 8, 2009
Weather: 80 degrees and sunny

Apples (Ginger Gold, Red Delicious, Ozark gold, and gala)
Basil (green and purple)
Cantaloupe (Athena)
Corn (peaches and cream, and silver queen)
Cucumber (long green, pickler)
Eggplant (Italian, white, Japanese)
Figs (LSU Purple, Lemon, brown turkey)
Melon (Sun Jewel)
Okra (green and red)
Peaches (Flame Prince, Encore, Tyler)
Pear (keifer, barkley)
Peas (Pinkeye Purple Hull, crowder dark, black eye, zipper, lady, field)
Peppers (Bell, Purple Bell, Marconi, jalapeno, cow horn hot, cubanelle, Sweet Banana, Sweet Cayenne, Mohawk, chocolate bell, yellow bell, Serrano, Gypsy)
Potatoes (New, Yukon gold, irish, kennebeck, Dakota Pearl)
Salad Mix
Squash (zephyr, patty pan sunburst, crook neck)
String Beans (yellow wax, purple bush beans, pole beans, burgundy, Rattlesnake)
Sweet Potatoes (white, orange)
Tomatoes (Cherokee Purple, Sungold, Eva Rose, Carolina Gold, sweet 100, ox heart, brandywine, Striped German, German Green, German Johnson, black plum, grape, sungold, cherry, and green)
Turnips Greens
Zucchini (8-ball, yellow)

We’ve got some good tomatoes from north this weekend at Birmingham’s Pepper Place Market. Habersham Farms, a new addition this week, has a few beautiful heirlooms, as does Tasteful Gardens. Not so many figs as last week, or watermelons. Pears are new this week, as well as some new apples. With the exception of arugula, there are are few leafy greens to be had.

Look out for a post on Sun Jewel melons, which Snow’s Bend has stocked for the last few weeks, on my other site, The Gourmetro. I tried one of them back in June and I’m finally ready to talk about it.

In other news, The Market Report may be out of business for the time being as I will be traveling to the American Masala Farm in upstate New York. If anyone would like to help contribute to the weekly farmer’s market report, please leave a comment or send an email.

Red Delicious Apples Azoychka Tomatoes (again) Brown Turkey Figs Brown Turkey Brandywine Tomatoes

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