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Posts from ‘August, 2009’

This week on the farm

The Sandwich has been quiet for a bit since I’ve been in upstate New York living and working on the American Masala Farm. And a busy few weeks it’s been. We’ve mucked barns, eaten delicious doughnuts, and, of course, have made some fantastic Indian food from chef Suvir Saran‘s cookbooks. I’ve been updating the Gourmetro […]

A few stops in Nashville, TN

Shady Lawn Truck Stop Route 65 North from Birmingham to Nashville has its share of iconic roadside attractions–the Ave Maria Grotto, former President James K Polk’s home, and the shrine of the Most (!) Blessed Sacrament–but the Shady Lawn Restaurant and truck stop’s giant, well-armed chicken seemed a good enough place to stretch my legs […]

Market Update: Holding Pattern

I’ve been terribly pleased with the response to the Pepper Place Market Report since its introduction back in May. It’s been a lot of fun talking with the farmers and providing the produce list, but I will be heading to pasture, so to speak, and won’t be able to publish the report for the remainder […]

Local Produce: The Sun Jewel Melon

When I picked up my first pair of Sun Jewel melons back in early July, I have to say I was underwhelmed. They were beautiful, smelled vaguely of banana and mango (as advertised) but they lacked a definitive taste and were somewhat mealy. Snow’s Bend Farm doesn’t usually disappoint, so when they suggested that I […]

Market Update: What’s Hot at Pepper Place

Week 13: August 8, 2009 Weather: 80 degrees and sunny Apples (Ginger Gold, Red Delicious, Ozark gold, and gala) Arugula Basil (green and purple) Blueberries Cilantro Cantaloupe (Athena) Carrots Corn (peaches and cream, and silver queen) Cucumber (long green, pickler) Eggplant (Italian, white, Japanese) Figs (LSU Purple, Lemon, brown turkey) Leeks Melon (Sun Jewel) Okra […]

Market Update: What’s Hot at Pepper Place Market

Week 12: August 1, 2009 Weather: 75 degrees and cloudy Apples (Ginger Gold, Red and Yellow Delicious) Arugula Basil (green and purple) Blueberries Cilantro Broccoli Cantaloupe (Athena) Corn (field, and silver queen) Cucumber (long green, pickler)