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Market Update: What’s Hot at Pepper Place

Mixed Okra

Week 11: July 25, 2009
Weather: 71 degrees and sunny

Basil (green)
Beets (red)
Cantaloupe (Athena)
Corn (peaches and cream, and silver queen)
Cucumber (long green, pickler)
Eggplant (Italian, white, Japanese)
Figs (LSU Purple, Lemon, Celeste, brown turkey)
Lettuce (Butterhead, oak leaf
Lima Beans
Melon (Sun Jewel)
Nectarines (Yellow)
Peaches (Red Prince/Alberta, Georgia Belle, O’Henry)
Peas (Pinkeye Purple Hull, crowder dark, black eye, zipper, lady, field)
Peppers (Bell, Purple Bell, Marconi, jalapeno, cow horn hot, cubanelle, Sweet Banana, Sweet Cayenne, Mohawk, chocolate bell, yellow bell, Serrano, Gypsy)
Potatoes (New, Yukon gold, irish, kennebeck, Dakota Pearl)
Salad Mix
Squash (zephyr, patty pan sunburst, crook neck)
Squash Blossoms
String Beans (yellow wax, purple bush beans, pole beans, October, burgundy, Dragon’s Tongue, Rattlesnake)
Sweet Potatoes (white, orange)
Tomatoes (Persimmon, Cherokee Purple, Arkansas Travelers, Red Zebras, Ava Purple Ball, Sand Mountain, Sungold, San Marzano, Cobra, Striped German, black plum, grape, green zebra, sungold, red lightning, Japanese black trifle, cherry, Bloody Butcher, and green)
Turnips Greens
Watermelon (Majestic, Royal Majesty, Yellow Doll, Sugar Baby)
Zucchini (8-ball, yellow)

Pepper Place is packed out with blueberries. After a few weeks’ absence, they are back in force, along with some blackberries. While Petals From The Past was the only fig purveyor last week, a number of other stands are stocking them this week, adding LSU Purple and Brown Turkey to the mix. Tomatoes are still strong, as is corn. Oh, right, and there are a few peaches.

Sunburst Tomatoes Squash Summer Fruits Snow's Bend Vegetables-2 Snow's Bend Vegetables

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  1. Charlotte says:

    Great list! I love that Birmingham has this venue for fresh, local produce, food, and more.

    Look for a new addition to next week’s Pepper Place Saturday Market. The Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama will be there promoting and selling tickets for its upcoming event, Alma Latina (www.almalatina.org). In addition, the following Saturday (8/8), HICA will be selling slices of Guillermo Castro’s Torte Espanola. Stop by & check it out!

    I’m glad to have found your blog. Looking forward to reading your thoughts.

  2. Larry Gay says:

    Larry O. Gay
    3223 Exeter Avenue
    Bessemer, Alabama 35020
    Cell: 434-5245

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    My name is Larry O. Gay; I am a freelance photographer from Bessemer, Alabama. If you have a few moments, please view my video of the Pepper Place Farmer’s Market.

    These photos were shot in Birmingham Alabama and photographed digitally large format, high resolution.

    To view video, you can click on the links below.


    If interested in any images or have other interest, please feel free to contact me: 434-5245.


    Larry O. Gay

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