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Market Update: What’s Hot at Pepper Place

Peaches Week 9: July 11, 2009
Weather: 73 degrees and sunny

Beets (Chiogga, golden and red)
Collard Greens
Corn (merit, peaches and cream, and silver queen)
Cucumber (long green, pickler)
Eggplant (Italian, white, Japanese)
Lettuce (Oak Leaf, Butter Head, La Rossa)
Lima Beans
Mustard Greens
Nectarines (Yellow)
Onions (red, white, yellow sweet, k-bob)
Peaches (Louring, Bounty)
Peas (Pinkeye Purple Hull, crowder dark, black eye, zipper, lady, field)
Peppers (Bell, Purple Bell, Marconi, jalapeno, cow horn hot, cubanelle, Sweet Banana, Sweet Cayenne, Mohawk, chocolate bell, yellow bell, Serrano, Gypsy)
Potatoes (New, Yukon gold)
Salad Mix
Squash (butternut, zephyr, patty pan sunburst, crook neck)
Squash Blossoms
String Beans (yellow wax, purple bush beans, pole beans, October, burgundy, Dragon’s Tongue, Rattlesnake)
Sweet Potatoes (white, orange)
Tomatoes (Persimmon, Cherokee Purple, Arkansas Travelers, Red Zebras, Ava Purple Ball, Sand Mountain, Sungold, Striped German, black plum, grape, green zebra, sungold, red lightning, Japanese black trifle, cherry, Bloody Butcher, and green)
Turnips (and greens)
Watermelon (Sugar Baby, charleston grey, and Sugar Doll)
Zucchini (8-ball, yellow)

I am constantly impressed by the variety of peaches grown here in Alabama. Each week it seems like a few different kinds of peaches are coming into season. This week it’s Bounty and Louring, but if we can just hold out for a few more weeks we’ll start so see some grower-favorites: Cresthaven and Johnny T.

A few bonus features today: The Chilton County Peach Queens are here handing out samples; Noah from Rora Valley Farms is selling chicken for the fall and spring ‘harvest;’ and I will be helping out the Bici Coop by manning the Jones Valley Urban Farm’s Smoothie Bike.

Sunburst Tomatoes Squash Summer Fruits Snow's Bend Vegetables-2 Snow's Bend Vegetables

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