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Market Update May 22: What’s Hot and Pepper Place

Pepper Place Market TableI hope you all got to the market before the deluge last week. It was quite the first of the season showing. Dan is out of town this week, so he’s reached out to a few of the Pepper Place Saturday Market farmers to see what they’re offering. Because he can do this ahead of time, these posts will appear on Fridays. It’s like getting tomorrow’s news today.

My guess is that most farmers’ offerings will not have changed much from last week. Some producers cited heavy rains as a cause of setbacks, so perhaps we’ll see more variety once the weather starts cooperating on a more consistent basis. In a bit of exciting news, The Terminal has seen signs of a year-round farmer’s coop.

Averiett Branch Farm

Collard Greens
Mustard Greens
Mixed Lettuces
Red Bourdeaux Spinach

Rora Valley Farms

Fresh Spring Mix
Heirloom Baby Parris White Cos Romaine Leaves
Fresh Baby Arugula
Chioggia (Candy Stripe) Baby Beets
Spring Onions
Free-range Eggs
Wildflower Bouquets
Wild Oakleaf Hydrangea Blooms

Farmer Notes: Right now the Spring Mix is coming in strong, and should continue for a few more weeks. This is probably the last week for their arugula.

For last week’s list, check out the ‘Ham Sandwich May 16 Market Update, or Amanda Storey’s account on Food Revival. Let me know what looks good! The English peas I got last week were rockin’.

Burnette Farms English Peas Sprandlin Farms Chandler Strawberries Carrots and Beets Purple and Gold Cauliflower Rora Valley Table

Dan is the producer of ‘Ham Sandwich. He is currently sitting on a beautiful (albeit chilly) white sand beach and regrets not being able to report on the market. Read about his cooking adventures as Skip on The Gourmetro and get the whole scoop on aisle-9.net.


  1. Jason says:

    The year-round coop is a reality! We looked inside there this morning and they’re built produce bins, shelves, and counters. The lady who I think runs Pepper Place (or at least the farmer’s market) was there and said they’re be open Tuesday-Saturday starting probably the second week of June. The sign out front says they’ll have produce, cheeses, kitchenware, and “local sundries.”

  2. Laura says:

    While you’re there, don’t miss the artisan’s market around the corner on the 29th Street Side. They’ve trying it there to see if people like the shade from trees during the hotter months.

    Saturday, in addition to the artisans, there were strawberries and tomatoes on the artisan’s market side, plus pies and other baked goods, hot sauce and relishes, etc.

    There was also handmade soap, herbal “Skeeter Beater” spray, some nice jewelry and some wonderful hand blown art glass.

    The stage where the chefs do cooking demonstrations at 9 a.m. is also on that side.

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