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Market Update: What’s hot at Pepper Place

Rora Valley Farmstand at Pepper PlaceStarting today, Dan will head out to Pepper Place Market at the crack of dawn each Saturday to let you know what’s hot and happenin’.

Week 1: May 16, 2009

Weather: Mostly cloudy, feels humid
Temperature: 66 degrees

Beets (Detroit Red)
Bok Choi
Butter Crunch Lettuce
Cauliflower (Gold, and Purple)

Chocolate Mint
Collard Greens (Morrishead)
English Peas
Hot House Tomatoes
Mustard Greens
Romaine Lettuce
Salad Mix
Sour plums
Spinach (Red Bordeaux)
Spring Onions
Squash Blossoms
Sugar Snap Peas
Sweet Potatoes (Beaureguard)
Swiss Chard

Strawberries seem to be on the way out with a number of farmers citing shortages due to massive amounts of recent rainfall. This is a developing feature. Please leave comments with any additional information or features you’d like to see.

Burnette Farms English Peas Sprandlin Farms Chandler Strawberries Carrots and Beets Purple and Gold Cauliflower Rora Valley Table

Dan is the producer of ‘Ham Sandwich. He should take more casual strolls through Birmingham’s quaint neighborhoods.. Read about his cooking adventures as Skip on The Gourmetro and learn about him on aisle-9.net.


  1. What did you buy and what will you make with it?

  2. Dan says:

    I got a half box of shelled green peas! Your favorite! Currently, I am giving them a quick cook, and afterward they will join a vegetarian pasta melange I’ve been eating all week (vidalia onions, asparagus, crimini mushrooms, thyme, etc). Because I’m going out of town (and am over-budget on groceries) I had to keep the buying light today.

  3. Tanner says:

    the rain shooed me away yesterday, but i’m excited about the start of the pepper place season. counting the days until chilton county peaches. wonder how strong the crop will be this year…

  4. Summer says:

    It was so good to see you the other day, Dan! We got some delicious stuff as well. Hope you were able to avoid the rain!

  5. […] guess is that most farmers’ offerings will not have changed much from last week. Some producers cited heavy rains as a cause of setbacks, so perhaps we’ll see more variety […]

  6. […] The Pepper Place is a great market. On average several thousand people come through each Saturday to buy. The atmosphere is more like that of an event than a market. There are live musicians playing on several stages, many people with their dogs, and families strolling between rows of festively decorated farm and craft stands. Everyone in our family worked hard to make our stand as attractive as possible. We had many people comment on its appearance and one gentleman even put a picture of it on his website. […]

  7. Larry Gay says:

    Larry O. Gay
    3223 Exeter Avenue
    Bessemer, Alabama 35020

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    My name is Larry O. Gay; I am a freelance photographer from Bessemer, Alabama. If you have a few moments, please view my selection of photos from the Pepper Place Farmer’s Market.

    They were photographed in Birmingham Alabama and shot digitally large format, high resolution.
    To view photos, you can click on the links below.


    If interested in any images or have other interest, please feel free to contact me.


    Larry O. Gay

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  9. […] guess is that most farmers’ offerings will not have changed much from last week. Some producers cited heavy rains as a cause of setbacks, so perhaps we’ll see more variety […]

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