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Posts from ‘May, 2009’

Market Update May 30: What’s Hot and Pepper Place

Week 3: May 30, 2009 Weather: Sunny, dry and a little breezy Temperature: 61 degrees Arugula Basil Beets (Chiogga and Golden) Blackberries Blueberries Bok Choi (and baby Bok Choi) Broccoli Butter Crunch Lettuce Cabbage Carrots Cauliflower (Gold, and Purple) Cayenne Peppers (sweet) Chocolate Mint Cilantro Collard Greens (Morrishead) Corn (222) Cucumber Dandelion Greens Dill Eggplant […]

Market Update May 22: What’s Hot and Pepper Place

I hope you all got to the market before the deluge last week. It was quite the first of the season showing. Dan is out of town this week, so he’s reached out to a few of the Pepper Place Saturday Market farmers to see what they’re offering. Because he can do this ahead of […]

Market Update: What’s hot at Pepper Place

Starting today, Dan will head out to Pepper Place Market at the crack of dawn each Saturday to let you know what’s hot and happenin’. Week 1: May 16, 2009 Weather: Mostly cloudy, feels humid Temperature: 66 degrees Arugula Beets (Detroit Red) Bok Choi Broccoli Butter Crunch Lettuce Cabbage Carrots Cauliflower (Gold, and Purple)

UPDATE: Another Broken Egg Cafe to open in Mountain Brook Village

Dram Whiskey Bar and Avo (previous posts) won’t be the only new kids on the block in Mountain Brook Village for long. This morning I noticed a bit of plywood (as the guys at Eater would say) on a walk through Mountain Brook Village: King’s House Antiques’ former residence will be taken by Florida-based franchise […]

A real backyard crawfish boil

Having grown up in the North, my only experience with crawfish was in fourth grade science, watching  helplessly as Jimmy Beihl’s crawfish dismantled and ate mine. Traumatic? Yes. Do I have a deep-seated score to settle with the little buggers? Perhaps. Revenge was sweet. And on that sun-drenched Sunday two weeks ago, I got to […]