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ATL: Inman Park Rocks

The American Breakfast

The American Breakfast: Two eggs over easy, grits, a hot fresh biscuit, and housemade andouille sausage. Mmm.

Before that morning at Parish Market, located in Atlanta’s historic and rejuvenating (ahem, gentrifying) Inman Park neighborhood, I’d never heard of a doghead biscuit. Though more commonly known as a catshead biscuit, this flaky wonder ‘as large as a dog’s head’ was massively wonderful. As per my friends’ suggestion, I tried the homemade andouille sausage with the American Breakfast (right) to see what all the fuss was about.

Parish was the first stop of one of my best days in Atlanta (minus shopping at IKEA. Why do I put myself through it? As much as I love the sleek Swedish lines and the cheap-as-dirt prices, it’s like walking through a furniture zoo). Parish Market’s American breakfast with the housemade andouille sausage, two eggs over easy, grits, and a biscuit. They were incredible, well-cooked, serviceable, and damn good (respectively).  The andouille was every bit as salty, smokey, and sublime as I’d hoped it would be. The rough-hewn communal table and  low conversational buzz make me wish I lived next door. My pictures didn’t come out terribly well, but the Blissful Glutton has some really mouthwatering shots.

The neighborhood tries to look very new (somewhat like the developing 2nd Ave North neighborhood in Birmingham, except much more polished. Think 2nd Ave in 10 years.). Many of the old factory and warehouse buildings have been converted into lofts, including one that made Mead notebooks and another that pioneered fire-preventing sprinkler heads. Some abandoned freight tracks run behind my friends’ apartment and there are plans to renovate them, along with similar  lines throughout the city, to make a beltline. The commuter rail beltline, flanked with biking and running trails and green space, would also boast connectivity with MARTA (Atlanta’s current rapid transit system). How lovely.

Before my aforementioned (awful) trip to IKEA, my friends took me to City Issue to ogle vintage mid-century furniture and to the surgically-clean Cacao Atlanta. They really know how to hit me, these folks. Inman Park had me at the cuppy cakes (or was it the green couch…). Expect to see more of Inman Park on the Sandwich, possibly as soon as Mardi Gras.

City Issue Furniture City Issue Furniture City Issue Inman Park Chocolate Shop Cool Bike Rack Parish coffee Cat's Head Biscuit and a pot of grits The American Breakfast The American Breakfast IMG_4732.JPG Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans Tartufo Classico IMG_4728.JPG Inside Cacao Laboratoire du Chocolat and Boutique‎


Bldg 240 N. Highland Ave [map]
Atlanta GA 30307
(404) 681-4434

Cacao Laboratoire du Chocolat and Boutique
312 C North Highland Ave [map]
Atlanta, GA 30307
(404) 221-2626

City Issue
325 Elizabeth St NE [map]
Atlanta, GA 30307
(404) 262-3500

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