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If I could be in 3 places Saturday evening

1. Eating Alabama. Eating Alabama‘s intrepid team of locavores seems to be on the verge of outdoing itself with this grand autumnal feast: The Alabama Supper. The thought of tasting a big old local pig slowly roasted over a hand-dug brick oven (or the apple cider, the sweet potatoes, or the Good People beer) is enough to drive me to distraction. [$20; 3pm; Fig Leaf Farm; ticket sales end 11/20]

2. Experiencing Iron & Wine in concert. Sam Beam, the one man Iron & Wine phenom, is practically one of the only musicians I love and haven’t seen live. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s sold out on Workplay’s site. If it weren’t for no. 3, I’d be using that ticket I bought waaay back in September. (Post a comment if you’re interested in that aforementioned stub.) [Apparently sold out; 8pm; Workplay Theatre]

3. Flying to Paris (or, to be more precise, being flown). For more details, please check out The Gourmetro later on this week.

Images by Eating Alabama, gregoryperez, and andrew_j_w, respectively.

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  1. CJ says:

    OK, No. 3 takes the cake… but I am PUMPED about No. 2 and also wish I could be at No. 1.

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